Hand crafted tea blends & more

Tea is not just a beverage; it's a moment of self-care, a gentle reminder to savor the present and nurture your well-being sip by sip.

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  • Positivitea

    This tea blend is made with wild thyme (famous as mountain or tumoro tea), lemongrass, dried ginger, orange peel and dried apricot.

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  • Serenitea

    Handcrafted for your perfect “me time”.

    Premium quality green tea leaves, lemongrass, rose petals, dried berries and wild mint will soothe your skin, body and soul. 💓

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Crafting the finest tea-blends

In the quest for better shut-eye, turning to the comforting ritual of sipping tea before bedtime is timeless


Prioritize self care with a soothing cup of tea blends, nurturing your well being with each mindful sip.